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Reuseable Teabags

Reuseable Teabags
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Model: 100% Hemp
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100% Hemp Reusable Tea Bag

I don't know about you, but I'm a tea drinker. I LOVES my tea particularly when it is COLD outside (and believe me, it gets cold outside here in Ireland :-) So with all this beautiful, renewable hemp material we're using to make our lovely nut milk bags, we we thought we should make some lovely reusable TEA bags too! Oh how fun! Get yours today. Or buy one as a gift for someone you know how loves tea or has cold hands and feet! They will thank you for it! :-)
Hemp Teabags

These cute re-useable Hemp Teabags are for making brewed teas or sun teas. Comes with a bamboo stick that rests on the rim of the cup, holding the bag in place.

For its first use wash the bag well in warm water with a teeny bit of eco-friendly liquid soap, and rinse well.

To Use: Place a teaspoon of your favourite loose tea into the Hemp Teabag. Insert the bamboo stick into the little buttonholes on either side of the bag. Place the bag into your favourite cup or mug with the bamboo stick resting on the rim of the cup holding the bag in place. Pour on your hot water and let the tea steep to the desired strength. Or if making Sun Tea (Raw Tea), pour on normal temperature water place the mug or a glass jar in a sunny spot to seep in the suns rays for 30 mins to several hours depending on the strength of the sun and the herb being brewed.

To Wash: Empty the used tealeaves in your compost and turn the bag inside out. Rinse well and allow to air-dry. Every few uses wash with a teeny bit of eco-friendly soap. The bag may get discoloured depending on what type of tea you use, a great way to keep it whiter is to hang it out on sunny days and let it bleach in the sun.

Hint: This bag works for all teas, normalitea and herbal tea. It also works great for coffee and herbal coffee substitutes (such as roasted dandelion coffee and Teeccino)

Product Description: 100% hemp, reusable tea bag. Each bag comes with a bamboo stick. Very strong and durable material. Use this bag for making brewed teas or sun teas. Also works for coffee and coffee substitutes.
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