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Ecozone Laundry Dryer Balls

Ecozone Laundry Dryer Balls
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Price: £9.99
Availability: In Stock
Model: 2 Dryer Balls
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

Ecozone Laundry Dryer Balls

Tumble dryers are notoriously expensive to run, but by using Dryerballs you will reduce drying time by up to 25% and have soft clothes naturally without the use of fabric softeners. Dryerballs are completely non-toxic and allergy-free, they are an environmentally friendly way to soften your laundry. Scientifically tested and proven to soften fabric naturally, reduce drying time, make ironing easier and reduce lint and static. Ecozone® Dryerballs are the legal registered version

Product Advantages:

  • No need for fabric softener or ‘softening’ sheets
  • Reduces drying time
  • Relaxes the fibres, reducing creases and wrinkles; cutting down the ironing time
  • Cut down on that annoying waste fluff
  • Save money, time, electricity, and help the environment

Product Details:

  • Softens fabrics without toxic chemicals
  • Compresses and softens fabric
  • Relaxes fibres and reduces hardness
  • Just place two reusable Dryerballs in the drum of the machine and switch on and operate at the usual setting for the fabrics.  
  • The Dryerballs retain the heat and transfer it to the clothes as they tumble, further speeding up the drying process.
  • They lift and separate the laundry whilst drying, thus reducing drying time and creasing.
  • There is no need to add a chemically laden “softening” dryer sheet or use fabric softener in your wash.
  • 2 Dryerballs per pack.
  • Each Dryer is 6cm diameter.


"These dryer balls are really good. I would definitely recommend them, they help the dryer to work much more quickly and give a good even dry."
E. Gooddy, October 2009

"One of the best buys I ever made I am always looking at ways to save money I bought my wife the dryer balls as I have a problem with conventional conditioners in the washing machine the results were amazing cloths nice and soft cut drying time by 10-15 minutes. We were so impressed we bought the eco wash balls (no powder or detergents or softener req). It seems to good, did not need the rinse cycle even the tea towels came out white would highly recommend. End result saves electricity, water and the planet."
Chappy, November 2008

"These work well - definitely less fluff collects in my dryer and the clothes do come out soft."
Kathleen McGurl, November 2006

"Eco balls and Dryer balls! We tried, we liked, they work and we’ll continue using them. Very good products!
 We’ve been using Surcare - liquid, powder and conditioner - for a number of years (12+), which is for sensitive skin and is perfume free. I’ve got a sensitivity to perfume and Fiona has built up sensitivity to prickly heat, itchiness and skin rashes - to Surcare. We found that if you don’t rinse Surcare out thoroughly then Fiona gets these problems. Fiona researched the internet and came across eco balls on 
 Fiona and I were sceptical at first. While we waited for our Eco balls and dryer balls to arrive, we washed a load with no washing powder/liquid and yes they were still dirty and smelly, but now wet.
 The washing machine was loaded with ‘whites’‚ ¾ full - and the 3 eco balls were placed on top of the clothes. The quick cycle took 30 minutes, since you wash at a lower temperature <=60C and require less rinse cycles, because there are no chemicals to rinse out. When the cycle finished we carefully inspected and smelt the clothes and they were clean and odour free. Fiona also reckoned that they felt softer. We’ve also found that prolonged use of conditioner makes the dish towels and bathroom towels less absorbent.
 We placed our 2 dryer balls - £10 - plastic balls with dimples that last for years - in the tumble dryer. The makers claim that the dryer balls will make your clothes ‘noticeably softer’, will reduce your dryer time by up to 25%, reduce creases and produce less lint. Again, we found the results to be good and all the things they claimed we found to a certain degree i.e. no worse, but overall probably better than before.
 How much does all this voodoo magic cost? Well surprisingly very cheap. We spend on average £125/year on Surcare products liquid, powder and conditioner and the eco balls cost £35 and should last you for 1,000 washes 2 adults and 2 children. In our case that should last us 4 years. Therefore, Surcare costs 30-50p/wash, against 3.5p/wash for eco balls. Also, we’re doing our bit for the environment.
 Well worth the buy, Ian and Fiona. "

Ian O'Neill,  August 2006

"These are the best invention ever! I didn't believe that they would be able to fluff up my towels in the dryer without using a fabric softener, but THEY REALLY DO! They actually come out softer and fluffier than if you had used a fabric softener. Brilliant, especially for reusable nappies that have to be washed without any kind of fabric conditioner."
Jenni Williams, May 2006

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