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Dechlorinating Bath Filter Ball

Dechlorinating Bath Filter Ball
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Price: £49.50
Availability: In Stock
Model: All Natural Clear Tinted
Average Rating: Not Rated

All Natural Attractive Clear Dechlorinating Bath Ball

Chlorine and hard water combined can easily damage sensitive skins,making skin feel itchy and irritated after bathing.

So why let chlorine and hard water continue to damage your skin and hair?

The bath filter purifies water by removing 99.9% of the chemical chlorine, and softens hard water.

For best results we recommend replacing the filter every 6 months.

  • Softens hard water
  • Easily attaches to your bath tap
  • Refills available from us
  • Lasts for around 183 baths

We firmly believe that if you have a dry, sensitised skin prone to rashes or eczema, besides moisturising regularly there is no better way to improve your skin than by the removal of chlorine from your bathing water.

We believe that the quality of water you are bathing in is extremely significant for those with dry and sensitised skin.

A dechlorination ball provides 99.7% chlorine-free filtered bath water in minutes.

Simply hang the ball for the bath on the bath tap while filling the tub and swish the ball several times through the water for chlorine free water.

Safe for babies and tender skin and perfect for anyone with eczema or chlorine sensitivity
This anti chlorine filter product removes the drying effects of chlorine on the skin which is well documented.

It is amazing how effectively this item reduces the skin irritation that arises from chlorine.

Wonderful for people suffering with dry skin or skin prone to eczema.  Easy to use fit.  

We can guarantee that once you have experienced a chlorine free bath you will never want to go back to bathing in chlorinated water ever again.

When you shower or bathe in chlorinated water the pores of your skin open up and absorb the chlorinated water like a sponge.

Chlorinated bathing and shower water also causes or worsens skins prone to eczema irritations and rashes.  This is because chlorine dries the skin out, and so can leave the skin feeling dry, irritated and lacking in moisture.

Anyone who regularly feels a prickling sensation or wanting to itch after bathing are actually experiencing the effects of chlorine and the hard water combination on their skin.

Refills are available for this product at £25 or € equivelent, just let me know when you need one.

Look at our attractive clear tinted de-chlorination shower filters aswell!

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